आज मलाई समाज भनी

एउटा लेख लेख्न मन लाग्यो।

परिवर्तन गरौ भन्ने सन्देश

दिन मन लाग्यो।


वीर गोर्खालीको विरता

चिनाउन मन लाग्यो।

पुर्खाहरुले सङ्गालेको राष्ट्र

चुड्न नदिउ भन्न मन लाग्यो।

आफ्ना कर्तव्य के हो भनी

मनन् गरौ भन्न मन लाग्यो।


साथी,भाई, दिदी-बहिनीहरुलाई

सचेत गराउन मन लाग्यो।

मान्छे मान्छे किन दुश्मन भए

चिन्तन गराउन मन लाग्यो।

धामी झाक्री झारफुक,

देउता पनि भाक्यो।

अन्धविस्वास त्यागिदेउ

भन्न मन लाग्यो।


वातावरणमा संकट के कारणले आयो

गल्तिहरु चिनाउन मन लाग्यो।

सबैले मिलेर हल गरौ भनी

सिकाउन मन लाग्यो।


ज्ञान बढाऔ विवेक बढाऔ

हातेमालो गर्दै- गर्दै,

आफ्नो ठाउँ आफै बनाऔ

स्वार्थीपना त्यागिहालौ

भन्न मन लाग्यो।

यस देशका सन्ततिका पसिना

येही बगेको देख्न मन लाग्यो।


– by Rupesh Acharya

Lone Trees

The sight of them makes me feel
Something that clears all of “me”
Everything I was pretending to be
It makes me let go and lets me breathe

I know being alone has its bounds
Sometimes makes you feel like a sad clown
whose face is painted with colours and a smile that can’t be found anywhere in his soul
And I know it’s good to have other trees around
To watch out for each other, maybe even sing out loud when you’re happy.

But there’s just something about standing alone
Far from the sweetened harsh words that destroy you down to your bones
There’s something about embracing the solitude
Throwing your hands up in the air
Defying a little portion of gravity of this huge planet
Not to take anything out of the top shelf for anyone
Or to high-five anyone or even to hug them
But to fill your own vacant,
To stand there and make your own damn statement!

– by Shephalika Dhakal

Build to Solve

Problems form a major part of anything we do. Be it everyday routine that we follow or a creative idea we come up with, problems are always there like sunset to a sunny day. Any normal human being would obviously try to get rid of the obstacles. But are they always successful?

“Build to Solve” is a workshop designed to help the students develop this practical skill that will help them tremendously in everyday problem solving as well as problem solving for entrepreneurship. This workshop targets the students of secondary level (grade 8 to 12) and provides  hands on training involving a well-tailored stepwise procedure.

This program is divided into 3 main phases: identification, solution and application. This entire process involves a lot of exploring and interviews from the victims of the assigned problem. 

By the end of this training, the participants are expected to have a clear understanding of ways to effectively address problems and will also have better empathy.

Problems cannot be avoided completely but they can certainly be handled. This workshop aims to equip the participants with everything they need to handle these obstacles better.